Security is our top priority

SPS Parking treats the security of its patrons and their vehicles as its first priority. To ensure that SPS offers the highest levels of safety and security, we utilize the following:

On-site Supervisors

Our parking facilities are staffed 24/7/365 with security supervisors and guards. Their chief responsibilities are to ensure the safety and security of our customers and their property. The supervisors and guards are on duty to assist our customers. All of our staff are certified security officers as per the New Jersey Security Officer Registration Act (SORA), where they are trained in Homeland Security, Communications/Emergency Response, Asset Protection, Theft Prevention, and Fire Prevention.

Secure Entry Points / Secure Perimeter Fencing

Each user gets “swipe” card assigned to them. This card is used for access and egress and usage is traceable in reports. The lots are all surrounded by chain-linked fencing with razor wire and guard rails. This ensures entry to our lots can only occur via our secure entry points. The entry points to our lots are protected by gate arms and tiger teeth. The tiger teeth ensure a vehicle can only enter and exit once granted electronic access. All entry and exits from the lot are recorded by our security cameras.

Advanced Security Camera Network

Our parking lots are covered by an advanced security camera network. This system includes high-resolution and PTZ cameras which monitor and record all areas of our parking lots. The primary goal is to ensure the safety of the people who park in our lots, as well as the security of their vehicles and personal property. Entry and exit gates are recorded to control vehicle damages and false claims. Cameras are recorded and backed up to digital DVR’s and back-hauled to our central monitoring station for monitoring and recording.

Central Station Monitoring

We operate our own Operations Center which provides the backbone for all of our services. The Operations Center operates 24 hours a day 365 days per year. It is staffed with our SORA-certified and highly-trained security experts who monitor and respond to our various security operations, including over 150 high-resolution cameras. The facility utilizes advanced technologies to ensure our staff is able to focus their attention where it is needed, when it is needed, with reliability. The facility boasts many features such as enterprise-grade monitoring software utilizing a customized version of Honeywell MAXPRO, diesel generator power backup, redundant tier-1 bandwidth providers, raised flooring, and secure controlled access.

This operation proactively monitors the parking lots and oversees the safety and security of those parking in our lot and their property. The central station works proactively with our staff in the parking lots to ensure  timely action is taken for any situation that may arise.


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